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All Repeaters

These are all the approved repeaters in the repeater listing. If you don't see a repeater that you use in your area, please add it to the list.

Repeater Callsign Frequency Offset Encode Decode Nearest City Restriction (if any)
W0UPS 146.85Mhz -0.6Mhz 100.0 100.0 GREELEY, CO Favorite
K0OJ 449.725Mhz -5Mhz 127.3 GREELEY, CO Favorite
K7TBL 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz 100.0 100.0 Eugene, OR Favorite
KC7DMF 444.45Mhz 5Mhz 162.2 162.2 Deschutes, OR Favorite
WARC 146.68Mhz -0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 Fossil, OR Favorite
W7JVO 448.75Mhz -5Mhz 162.2 162.2 Bend, OR Favorite
W7JVO 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 Bend, OR private Favorite
N7LZM 146.64Mhz -0.6Mhz John Day, OR Favorite
W7JVO 145.24Mhz -0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 John Day, OR Favorite
W7JVO 147.18Mhz 0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 Mitchell, OR Favorite
W7JVO 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 Burns, OR Favorite
W7JVO 147.2Mhz 0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 Hampton, OR Favorite
W7JVO 444.75Mhz 5Mhz 156.7 156.7 Millican, OR Favorite
W7JVO 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 Millican, OR Favorite
K7RBG 147.22Mhz 0.6Mhz 67.0 67.0 Diamond Lake, OR Favorite
N7EXH 146.98Mhz -0.6Mhz 100.0 100.0 Oakridge, OR Favorite
K7LIX 146.64Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 136.5 Cave Junction, OR Favorite
N7EZY 145.15Mhz -0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 Wolf Creek, OR Favorite
WB6YQP 145.49Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 136.5 Cave Junction, OR Favorite
WA7JAW 146.74Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 88.5 Gold Beach, OR Favorite
W6HY 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz 136.5 136.5 Klamath, CA Favorite
W6HY 145.35Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 136.5 Hiouchi, CA Favorite
N7UBQ 147.25Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 88.5 Brookings, OR Favorite
W6HY 147.18Mhz 0.6Mhz 136.5 136.5 Gasquet, CA Favorite
AB7BS 442.125Mhz 5Mhz DCS125 DCS125 Eugene, OR Favorite
AB7BS 443.575Mhz 5Mhz DCS125 DCS125 Junction City, OR Favorite
AB7BS 444.8Mhz 5Mhz DCS125 DCS125 Blue River, OR Favorite
AB7BS 440.825Mhz 5Mhz DCS125 DCS125 Medford, OR Favorite
K7LNK 444.925Mhz 5Mhz DCS125 DCS125 Walton, OR Favorite
AB7BS 444.95Mhz 5Mhz 136.5 Chiloquin, OR Favorite
AB7BS 441.85Mhz 5Mhz DCS023 DCS023 Roseburg, OR Favorite
AB7BS 444.9Mhz 5Mhz DCS125 DCS125 Cottage Grove, OR Favorite
AB7BS 442.825Mhz 5Mhz 123.0 91.5 Willamina, OR Favorite
AB7BS 442.45Mhz 5Mhz DCS125 DCS125 Salem, OR Favorite
AB7BS 440.425Mhz 5Mhz DCS125 DCS125 Corvallis, OR Favorite
W9PCI 146.62Mhz -0.6Mhz 123.0 123.0 Ashland, OR Favorite
K7JAX 146.84Mhz -0.6Mhz 123.0 123.0 Medford, OR Favorite
WA4TSC 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz 146.2 Mt. Weather Favorite
KC0KWD 448.475Mhz -5Mhz 100.0 Gilcrest Favorite
KC0KWD 147Mhz 0.6Mhz 100.0 Gilcrest Favorite
K0EB 449.925Mhz -5Mhz 114.8 114.8 Hudson Favorite
K1HRO 1293Mhz -12Mhz A Salem, NH Favorite
K1GHZ 1290.1Mhz -12Mhz Goffstown, NH Favorite
W1HQ 1284.125Mhz -12Mhz A Newington, CT Favorite
K1MNW 1284Mhz -12Mhz 88.5 Brunswick, ME Favorite
W1KK 1282.5Mhz -12Mhz A Feeding Hills, MA Favorite
W1WU 927.9Mhz -25Mhz NAC293/123.0 Ossipee, NH Favorite
K1FFK 927.875Mhz -25Mhz 100 Mt. Greylock, MA Favorite
AA1KK 927.8375Mhz -25Mhz D244 Holyoke, MA Favorite
KB1MMR 927.8375Mhz -25Mhz 103.5 103.5/141.3* Durham, CT Favorite
N1MIX 927.825Mhz -25Mhz Greenville, RI Favorite
W1SGL 927.825Mhz -25Mhz 82.5 67 Barnstable, MA Favorite
N1HUI 927.8125Mhz -25Mhz D311 Branford, CT Favorite
W1KK 927.8Mhz -25.7375Mhz D271 Feeding Hills, MA Favorite
N1SEC 927.7875Mhz -25Mhz 127.3 N. Attleborough, MA Favorite
KA1EZH 927.7625Mhz -25Mhz 67 67.0* North Providence, RI Favorite
KA1UAG 927.7625Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 100 West Lebanon, NH Favorite
NS1RA 927.75Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 Salem, MA Favorite
WE1CT 927.7375Mhz -25Mhz NAC250/D244 Worcester, MA Favorite
W1ASS 927.725Mhz -25Mhz 100 100.0* Georgetown, MA Favorite
W1ASS 927.7125Mhz -25Mhz 100 100.0* Goffstown, NH Favorite
KB1HTO 927.7125Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 100 Foxboro, MA Favorite
W1MRA 927.7Mhz -25Mhz D244 131.8 Marlborough, MA Favorite
W1ASS 927.6875Mhz -25Mhz 88.5 Deerfield, NH Favorite
KC1EFG 927.6875Mhz -25Mhz NAC200/131.8 Whitman, MA Favorite
N1JBC 927.65Mhz -25.5875Mhz 91.5 67 Fall River, MA Favorite
W1EHT 927.625Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 100 Abington, MA Favorite
N1UMJ 927.575Mhz -25Mhz D051 Rehoboth, MA Favorite
W1HFN 927.5625Mhz -25Mhz 74.4 Fitchburg, MA Favorite
N1RWX 927.5125Mhz -25Mhz 127.3 Providence, RI Favorite
N1IOE 927.4875Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 100 Williamstown, VT Favorite
N1UEC 927.4875Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 Wrentham, MA Favorite
W1ATD 927.475Mhz -25Mhz NAC244/131.8 NAC244/100.0* Marshfield, MA Favorite
WA1VVH 927.4625Mhz -25Mhz 88.5 Pepperell, MA Favorite
WG1U 927.45Mhz -25Mhz D031 Abington, MA Favorite
K1PRE 927.4375Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 100 Littleton, MA Favorite
N1NW 927.4375Mhz -25Mhz 156.7 Norwich, CT Favorite
W1WCF 927.425Mhz -25Mhz NAC200/131.8 Bridgewater, MA Favorite
WA1MIK 927.4125Mhz -25Mhz D311 100 Hamden, CT Favorite
KA1DON 927.15Mhz -25Mhz NAC250/ 67.0 Hanson, MA Favorite
W1MHL 927.1375Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 100 Waltham, MA Favorite
NN1D 927.0375Mhz -25Mhz D031 D031* Fall River, MA Favorite
W1FRS 927.0125Mhz -25Mhz 131.8 100 Framingham, MA Favorite
WG1U 449.996875Mhz -5Mhz RAN1 Assonet, MA Favorite
KA1GG 449.9875Mhz -5Mhz NAC293/B/RAN1/CC4 NAC293/RAN1/CC4 West Bridgewater, MA Favorite
K1IFF 449.9875Mhz -5Mhz RAN2 Waterbury, CT Favorite
KB1UAP 449.975Mhz -5Mhz B/71.9/88.5 88.5 Hudson, NH Favorite
WA1ZDA 449.975Mhz -5Mhz 110.9 Rockland, ME Favorite
K1IFF 449.975Mhz -5Mhz RAN1 Bristol, CT Favorite
W1WNS 449.9375Mhz -5Mhz D244 West Greenwich, RI Favorite
NN1PA 449.9375Mhz -5Mhz RAN1 Goffstown, NH Favorite
W1MRA 449.925Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 88.5* Marlborough, MA Favorite
KB1TTN 449.925Mhz -5Mhz CC1 West Haven, CT Favorite
WA1ZYX 449.875Mhz -5Mhz 123 Keene, NH Favorite
N1PFC 449.875Mhz -5Mhz NAC250/103.5 Worcester, MA Favorite
K1JCL 449.875Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Coventry, CT Favorite
N1NPQ 449.825Mhz -5Mhz 94.8 West Rutland, VT Favorite
N1PCE 449.825Mhz -5Mhz 82.5 Whitefield, NH Favorite
KB1PRG 449.825Mhz -5Mhz 103.5 Alfred, ME Favorite
N1LHP 449.825Mhz -5Mhz 136.5 Woburn, MA Favorite
N1PAH 449.825Mhz -5Mhz 107.2 Granville, MA Favorite
KA1MJ 449.825Mhz -5Mhz CC1 East Haven, CT Favorite
NY1Z 449.775Mhz -5Mhz Salem, NH Favorite
KB1WUW 449.775Mhz -5Mhz B Freetown, MA Favorite
KA1JJM 449.775Mhz -5Mhz Agawam, MA Favorite
K1KGQ 449.775Mhz -5Mhz RAN1/141.3 Torrington, CT Favorite
N1GNN 449.725Mhz -5Mhz 103.5 Corinna, ME Favorite
W1XM 449.725Mhz -5Mhz 114.8 Cambridge, MA Favorite
N1NW 449.725Mhz -5Mhz 156.7 Norwich, CT Favorite
NW1P 449.7Mhz -5Mhz 167.9 Van Buren, ME Favorite
N1LMA 449.675Mhz -5Mhz 127.3 Westerly, RI Favorite
W1VN 449.675Mhz -5Mhz B Sanbornton, NH Favorite
N1UEC 449.675Mhz -5Mhz 146.2 Mansfield, MA Favorite
K1US 449.625Mhz -5Mhz 67 Cabot, VT Favorite
K1CA 449.625Mhz -5Mhz 85.4 Derry, NH Favorite
KA1C 449.625Mhz -5Mhz 91.5 Madison, ME Favorite
W1EDH 449.625Mhz -5Mhz 110.9 Glastonbury, CT Favorite
W1BRI 449.575Mhz -5Mhz 88.5/71.9 88.5 Hopkinton, MA Favorite
K1EHO 449.525Mhz -5Mhz 110.9 Hope, ME Favorite
KA1OAN 449.525Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Northampton, MA Favorite
K1RFI 449.525Mhz -5Mhz B Fall River, MA Favorite
K1VIT 449.475Mhz -5Mhz 100 Fayston, VT Favorite
K1HBR 449.475Mhz -5Mhz B Hampton, NH Favorite
W1NGS 449.475Mhz -5Mhz CC7 Holliston, MA Favorite
N1OFJ 449.475Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Northford, CT Favorite
WA1ZYX 449.45Mhz -5Mhz 123 Deerfield, NH Favorite
K1RE 449.425Mhz -5Mhz CC3 Gilford, NH Favorite
K1FFK 449.425Mhz -5Mhz 162.2 Mt. Greylock, MA Favorite
K1BFD 449.425Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Canton, MA Favorite
N1IMO 449.375Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Pack Monadnock , NH Favorite
N1CRS 449.375Mhz -5Mhz 141.3 West Hartford, CT Favorite
KA1RCI 449.325Mhz -5Mhz 127.3 127.3* Providence, RI Favorite
W1FKF 449.325Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Loudon, NH Favorite
N1HUI 449.325Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Branford, CT Favorite
W1PIG 449.275Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Belgrade Lakes, ME Favorite
W1SP 449.275Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Ledyard, CT Favorite
N1JBC 449.225Mhz -5Mhz 141.3 141.3* North Providence, RI Favorite
W1NAZ 449.225Mhz -5Mhz 103.5 New Boston, NH Favorite
WA1YQB 449.225Mhz -5Mhz 77 Manchester, CT Favorite
WA1ZMS 449.175Mhz -5Mhz 100 Rutland, VT Favorite
W1KK 449.175Mhz -5Mhz B Feeding Hills, MA Favorite
W1BOS 449.175Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Boston, MA Favorite
W1AAK 449.125Mhz -5Mhz 110.9 Burke, VT Favorite
NE1AR 449.125Mhz -5Mhz 146.2 146.2* Milton, MA Favorite
W1EDH 449.125Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Glastonbury, CT Favorite
W1MHL 449.075Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 88.5* Waltham, MA Favorite
W1IMD 449.025Mhz -5Mhz 82.5 Woodstock, ME Favorite
W1WPI 449.025Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Worcester, MA Favorite
W1IMD 448.975Mhz -5Mhz CC2 Mt. Washington, NH Favorite
W1ZSA 448.975Mhz -5Mhz 141.3 Walpole, MA Favorite
W1NLC 448.975Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Waterford, CT Favorite
KB1TMO 448.975Mhz -5Mhz B Mystic, CT Favorite
K1CR 448.925Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Providence, RI Favorite
W1IMD 448.875Mhz -5Mhz CC7 Williamstown, VT Favorite
N1HIT 448.875Mhz -5Mhz B Madbury, NH Favorite
W1IXU 448.875Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Bristol, CT Favorite
N1IMO 448.825Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Nashua, NH Favorite
W1MWV 448.775Mhz -5Mhz CC2 North Conway, NH Favorite
W1WNS 448.775Mhz -5Mhz NAC353/D244 Westborough, MA Favorite
WJ1L 448.725Mhz -5Mhz 103.5 Alfred, ME Favorite
WE1SPN 448.725Mhz -5Mhz 77 Bristol, CT Favorite
KB1IIT 448.675Mhz -5Mhz Bow, NH Favorite
K1SSN 448.675Mhz -5Mhz 156.7 Groton, CT Favorite
W3DEC 448.625Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Princeton, MA Favorite
K1LBG 448.575Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Wrentham, MA Favorite
WA1ARC 448.575Mhz -5Mhz 146.2 Farmington, CT Favorite
N1GTR 448.525Mhz -5Mhz 67 Middletown, RI Favorite
W1UWS 448.475Mhz -5Mhz CC5 Mt. Ascutney, VT Favorite
K3RQ 448.425Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Mont Vernon, NH Favorite
KB1CJP 448.425Mhz -5Mhz 127.3 Groton, CT Favorite
AE1C 448.375Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Southborough, MA Favorite
W1IXU 448.375Mhz -5Mhz B Bristol, CT Favorite
KC2GDF 448.325Mhz -5Mhz 67 Newport, RI Favorite
N1LHP 448.325Mhz -5Mhz 123 Methuen, MA Favorite
KB1BSS 448.275Mhz -5Mhz 136.5 Greenfield, MA Favorite
N1YPW 448.275Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Burlington, MA Favorite
WA1PBJ 448.225Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Mt. Washington, NH Favorite
W1MRA 448.225Mhz -5Mhz B Marlborough, MA Favorite
W1FRS 448.175Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 127.3* Framingham, MA Favorite
W1LAS 448.175Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Prospect, CT Favorite
K1WPO 448.125Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Auburn, MA Favorite
N1MIX 448.075Mhz -5Mhz D411 Greenville, RI Favorite
W1NLK 448.075Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Norwalk, CT Favorite
W1FY 448.025Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 100 Hopkinton, MA Favorite
W1XOJ 448Mhz -5Mhz 192.8 162.2 Meriden, CT Favorite
W1XOJ 448Mhz -5Mhz 162.2 East Hartland, CT Favorite
W1XOJ 447.9875Mhz -5Mhz 136.5 162.2 Paxton, MA Favorite
NA1HS 447.975Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 N. Attleborough, MA Favorite
W1SP 447.975Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Hartford, CT Favorite
K1KZP 447.925Mhz -5Mhz 123 Wilmington, MA Favorite
K1IIG 447.925Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Wallingford, CT Favorite
K1RJZ 447.875Mhz -5Mhz CC9 Gilford, NH Favorite
K1IW 447.875Mhz -5Mhz 79.7 Marlborough, MA Favorite
N1IMO 447.825Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Derry, NH Favorite
W1CNH 447.775Mhz -5Mhz B Gilford, NH Favorite
W1QI 447.775Mhz -5Mhz 100.0/114.8 Danbury, CT Favorite
K1MOT 447.725Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Hudson, NH Favorite
KB1DFN 447.675Mhz -5Mhz 203.5 Natick, MA Favorite
N1EXC 447.625Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Lawrence, MA Favorite
KS1R 447.575Mhz -5Mhz B Phippsburg, ME Favorite
N1CON 447.575Mhz -5Mhz 110.9 Concord, MA Favorite
W1RAB 447.525Mhz -5Mhz 114.8 Gloucester, MA Favorite
KB1MH 447.475Mhz -5Mhz 118.8 Uxbridge, MA Favorite
W1ECR 447.475Mhz -5Mhz 100 Winsted, CT Favorite
WA1ZYX 447.425Mhz -5Mhz 141.3 Temple Mountain, NH Favorite
K1QVC 447.375Mhz -5Mhz B/85.4 85.4 Derry, NH Favorite
AA1KK 447.375Mhz -5Mhz B Holyoke, MA Favorite
KA1SU 447.325Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Bow, NH Favorite
W1WNS 447.325Mhz -5Mhz NAC353/D244 Uxbridge, MA Favorite
N1LLL 447.275Mhz -5Mhz 123 New Canaan, CT Favorite
K1JAY 447.225Mhz -5Mhz 100 Jay Peak, VT Favorite
KB1UVD 447.225Mhz -5Mhz B Derry, NH Favorite
W1KOO 447.175Mhz -5Mhz 82.5 Mt. Mansfield, VT Favorite
W1CRI 447.125Mhz -5Mhz 82.5 Charlestown, RI Favorite
WA1HCO 447.125Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Mont Vernon, NH Favorite
W1EE 447.125Mhz -5Mhz CC2 Stamford, CT Favorite
WX1NH 447.075Mhz -5Mhz CC7 Enfield, NH Favorite
W1DSR 447.075Mhz -5Mhz B Holliston, MA Favorite
AA1WU 447.075Mhz -5Mhz 110.9 Plainville, CT Favorite
WA1ABC 447.025Mhz -5Mhz 67 Warwick, RI Favorite
W1CLA 447.025Mhz -5Mhz 146.2 Burlington, MA Favorite
WA1ZYX 446.975Mhz -5Mhz CC10 Greenfield, NH Favorite
W1VAR 446.975Mhz -5Mhz 77 Shelton, CT Favorite
KB1JJE 446.925Mhz -5Mhz 100 Mansfield, MA Favorite
KB1MMR 446.925Mhz -5Mhz 77 Durham, CT Favorite
KB1MMR 446.925Mhz -5Mhz 77 Middlefield, CT Favorite
KB1MMR 446.925Mhz -5Mhz 77 Middlefield/Durham, CT Favorite
K1IKE 446.875Mhz -5Mhz 156.7 Middletown, CT Favorite
WA1QGU 446.825Mhz -5Mhz 100 Milford, MA Favorite
W1MBT 446.775Mhz -5Mhz 77 Westfield, MA Favorite
W1DYJ 446.775Mhz -5Mhz 88.5/71.9 88.5 North Reading, MA Favorite
KC1DGM 446.725Mhz -5Mhz 100 West Warwick, RI Favorite
KB1TIX 446.725Mhz -5Mhz B Kingston, NH Favorite
WA1VRP 446.725Mhz -5Mhz 123 New Britain, CT Favorite
N1EM 446.675Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Marlborough, MA Favorite
NS1RA 446.625Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Salem, MA Favorite
KA1FAI 446.6Mhz -5Mhz 136.5 Milford, CT Favorite
NE1DV 446.575Mhz -5Mhz B Goffstown, NH Favorite
KB1CJP 446.575Mhz -5Mhz 127.3 Mystic, CT Favorite
WX1NH 446.525Mhz -5Mhz CC7/97.4 East Unity, NH Favorite
WA1VVH 446.525Mhz -5Mhz D023 Pepperell, MA Favorite
N1GBB 446.475Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Burlington, VT Favorite
N1MIX 446.475Mhz -5Mhz D411 Providence, RI Favorite
K1DED 446.475Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Center Barnstead, NH Favorite
WA1PLE 446.4375Mhz -5Mhz B Walpole, MA Favorite
W1SP 446.4375Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Bloomfield , CT Favorite
N1DAS 446.425Mhz -5Mhz CC5/156.7 Nashua, NH Favorite
WX1NH 446.325Mhz -5Mhz CC7 Claremont, NH Favorite
W1LO 446.325Mhz -5Mhz 203.5 Skowhegan, ME Favorite
W1STR 446.325Mhz -5Mhz 146.2 Natick, MA Favorite
N1SFE 446.325Mhz -5Mhz 203.5 Middletown, CT Favorite
N1GBB 446.275Mhz -5Mhz CC6 Mt. Snow, VT Favorite
WW1VT 446.1Mhz 0Mhz 173.8 Brandon, VT Favorite
N1EO 446.1Mhz 0Mhz Center Harbor, NH Favorite
W1BUR 446.025Mhz 0Mhz 100 Boston, MA Favorite
WH6SW 445.9875Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Colchester, CT Favorite
W1SP 445.8875Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Somers, CT Favorite
N1CLV 445.8375Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Sterling, CT Favorite
WB1CQH 445.8375Mhz -5Mhz CC2 Middlebury, CT Favorite
WB1EOC 445.7375Mhz -5Mhz CC2 Westbrook, CT Favorite
KX1EOC 445.7375Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Danbury, CT Favorite
KB1NTA 445.7375Mhz -5Mhz CC3 Brooklyn, CT Favorite
WB1GQR 445.025Mhz -5Mhz Bolton, VT Favorite
AA1PR 445Mhz 0Mhz CC1 Brandon, VT Favorite
KB2KWB 444.9625Mhz 5Mhz 179.9 Lowell, MA Favorite
W1ET 444.95Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Hanover, NH Favorite
K1PQ 444.95Mhz 5Mhz 103.5 Brownville, ME Favorite
K1IIG 444.95Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Coventry, CT Favorite
N1IOE 444.9Mhz 5Mhz 100 100 Williston, VT Favorite
KA1UAG 444.9Mhz 5Mhz 131.8 131.8 Enfield, NH Favorite
WZ1J 444.9Mhz 5Mhz 91.5 Washington, ME Favorite
KA1AQP 444.9Mhz 5Mhz 100 West Millbury, MA Favorite
KB1BXH 444.875Mhz 5Mhz 103.5 Mendon, VT Favorite
K1JCL 444.85Mhz 5Mhz CC1 South Killingly, CT Favorite
AC1KV 444.85Mhz 5Mhz 100 Ansonia, CT Favorite
N1IMO 444.8Mhz 5Mhz 131.8 Nashua, NH Favorite
N1DP 444.8Mhz 5Mhz 100 Franklin, ME Favorite
NA1RA 444.8Mhz 5Mhz 192.8 Roxbury, CT Favorite
KZ1M 444.8Mhz 5Mhz CC1 East Killingly, CT Favorite
N1OTW 444.75Mhz 5Mhz 71.9 71.9* Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
WA1KFX 444.7Mhz 5Mhz 110.9 Newfane, VT Favorite
W1KRU 444.7Mhz 5Mhz NAC444/88.5 Boston, MA Favorite
W1AAK 444.65Mhz 5Mhz 110.9 Monkton, VT Favorite
WA1ZYX 444.65Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Keene, NH Favorite
KB1AEV 444.65Mhz 5Mhz 151.4 151.4* Harwinton, CT Favorite
W1AAK 444.6Mhz 5Mhz 110.9 Williamstown, VT Favorite
N1SNR 444.6Mhz 5Mhz 82.5 Westbrook, ME Favorite
W1TKZ 444.6Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Newton, MA Favorite
W1ABI 444.55Mhz 5Mhz 110.9 Killington Peak, VT Favorite
W1MV 444.55Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Bridgewater, MA Favorite
KB1UHS 444.55Mhz 5Mhz B Haddam, CT Favorite
W1IMD 444.5Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Pico Peak, VT Favorite
K1LBG 444.45Mhz 5Mhz 127.3 Wrentham, MA Favorite
N1GTL 444.45Mhz 5Mhz 100 Hamden, CT Favorite
WR1VT 444.4Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Brattleboro, VT Favorite
KB1TUG 444.4Mhz 5Mhz 67 Foster, RI Favorite
W1WQM 444.4Mhz 5Mhz 100 Kensington, NH Favorite
KS1R 444.4Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Topsham, ME Favorite
N1ME 444.4Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Holden, ME Favorite
KB1CDI 444.4Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 88.5* Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
KA1MHA 444.35Mhz 5Mhz 67 Middletown, RI Favorite
K1HRO 444.35Mhz 5Mhz B Salem, NH Favorite
W1SP 444.35Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Cornwall, CT Favorite
K1EIR 444.35Mhz 5Mhz CC2 Ansonia, CT Favorite
KM3T 444.3Mhz 5Mhz CC10 Goffstown, NH Favorite
W1EMA 444.3Mhz 5Mhz B Knox, ME Favorite
W1LH 444.3Mhz 5Mhz 100 Cooper, ME Favorite
N1IMO 444.25Mhz 5Mhz 107.2 Hollis, NH Favorite
W1ECV 444.25Mhz 5Mhz B Meriden, CT Favorite
N1RWX 444.2Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Providence, RI Favorite
NN1PA 444.2Mhz 5Mhz 186.2 Goffstown, NH Favorite
KB1AEV 444.2Mhz 5Mhz 151.4 Meriden, CT Favorite
W1VLA 444.15Mhz 5Mhz CC3 Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
N1LHP 444.1Mhz 5Mhz North Andover, MA Favorite
N1GAU 444.1Mhz 5Mhz B South Killingly, CT Favorite
K1EQX 444.05Mhz 5Mhz 100 Mt. Equinox, VT Favorite
K1JEK 444.05Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Alton, NH Favorite
N1DAS 444Mhz 5Mhz 141.3 White River Jct, VT Favorite
KC1FRJ 444Mhz 5Mhz 100 Dedham, ME Favorite
W1BCG 444Mhz 5Mhz B Westbrook, CT Favorite
KU1R 443.95Mhz 5Mhz 103.5 Claremont, NH Favorite
AA1HD 443.95Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Vernon, CT Favorite
KA1UAG 443.9Mhz 5Mhz CC8 Corinth, VT Favorite
K1WPO 443.9Mhz 5Mhz 100 100 Auburn, MA Favorite
W1ASS 443.85Mhz 5Mhz NAC353/88.5 Epsom, NH Favorite
WA1ZYX 443.8Mhz 5Mhz 141.3 Walpole, NH Favorite
KB1NTA 443.8Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Union, CT Favorite
W1IMD 443.75Mhz 5Mhz CC7 Monkton, VT Favorite
K1TLV 443.75Mhz 5Mhz 97.4 Mason, NH Favorite
W1BRS 443.75Mhz 5Mhz 77 Vernon, CT Favorite
W1GLO 443.7Mhz 5Mhz 107.2 Gloucester, MA Favorite
N1SIF 443.7Mhz 5Mhz 71.9 Belchertown, MA Favorite
N1IHF 443.65Mhz 5Mhz 131.8 Pembroke, NH Favorite
W1HDN 443.65Mhz 5Mhz 141.3 Danbury, CT Favorite
W1HDN 443.6Mhz 5Mhz 82.5 Torrington, CT Favorite
W1FN 443.55Mhz 5Mhz 136.5 Hanover, NH Favorite
N1LUF 443.55Mhz 5Mhz 77 Milford, CT Favorite
KA1UAG 443.5Mhz 5Mhz 131.8 131.8 West Lebanon, NH Favorite
N1IMO 443.5Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Hollis, NH Favorite
KD1KE 443.5Mhz 5Mhz 103.5 Knox, ME Favorite
KB1VTL 443.45Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Kensington, NH Favorite
AB1RS 443.45Mhz 5Mhz 173.8 Deerfield, MA Favorite
N1JML 443.45Mhz 5Mhz 100 Portland, CT Favorite
N1STA 443.4Mhz 5Mhz 162.2 Saint Albans, VT Favorite
NN1PA 443.4Mhz 5Mhz 186.2 Goffstown, NH Favorite
KD1STR 443.4Mhz 5Mhz B Salem, CT Favorite
W1NPP 443.3Mhz 5Mhz B Livermore, ME Favorite
N1OHZ 443.3Mhz 5Mhz 100 Worcester, MA Favorite
KB5JR 443.3Mhz 5Mhz 127.3 Littleton, MA Favorite
W1HDN 443.3Mhz 5Mhz 114.8 Vernon, CT Favorite
W1EHC 443.25Mhz 5Mhz 141.3 East Hartford, CT Favorite
W1PIG 443.2Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Kents Hill, ME Favorite
WO1VES 443.2Mhz 5Mhz 146.2 Stoneham, MA Favorite
W1TOM 443.2Mhz 5Mhz 127.3 Holyoke, MA Favorite
W1FP 443.15Mhz 5Mhz 100 Burlington, VT Favorite
K1CW 443.15Mhz 5Mhz 94.8 94.8 Bristol, RI Favorite
N3LEE 443.15Mhz 5Mhz 71.9 New Ipswich, NH Favorite
W1HDN 443.1Mhz 5Mhz 114.8 Hartford, CT Favorite
KC1ALA 443.05Mhz 5Mhz B Biddeford, ME Favorite
W1OKY 443.05Mhz 5Mhz 100 Newington, CT Favorite
WB1EWS 442.95Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Fitchburg, MA Favorite
N1MNX 442.9Mhz 5Mhz 100 Pepperell, MA Favorite
KA1HCX 442.9Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Seymour, CT Favorite
KC1AZZ 442.85Mhz 5Mhz B/CC1 CC1 Sutton, MA Favorite
WA1PNW 442.85Mhz 5Mhz 103.5 Beverly, MA Favorite
K1CRC 442.85Mhz 5Mhz 77 77 Bristol, CT Favorite
NS1RA 442.8Mhz 5Mhz CC4 Danvers, MA Favorite
KB1AEV 442.75Mhz 5Mhz CC1/77.0 Granville, MA Favorite
N1DCH 442.7Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 88.5* Weston, MA Favorite
N1GCN 442.7Mhz 5Mhz 173.8 Farmington, CT Favorite
KC1GLK 442.65Mhz 5Mhz 162.2 Great Barrington, MA Favorite
N1WPN 442.6Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Windham, NH Favorite
KB1AEV 442.6Mhz 5Mhz 151.4 151.4* Vernon, CT Favorite
K1JC 442.55Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Chester, NH Favorite
AE1TH 442.5Mhz 5Mhz 118.8 Braintree, MA Favorite
W1WPD 442.5Mhz 5Mhz D073/77.0 D073 Woodbridge, CT Favorite
WB1GOF 442.45Mhz 5Mhz B Westford, MA Favorite
KB1EPA 442.45Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Bolton, CT Favorite
W1BHR 442.4Mhz 5Mhz CC11 Farmington, ME Favorite
K1ENF 442.4Mhz 5Mhz 94.8 Enfield, CT Favorite
W1VN 442.35Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Newbury, NH Favorite
NO1A 442.35Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Acton, MA Favorite
N1KUB 442.3Mhz 5Mhz 74.4 Clinton, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 442.3Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 88.5 Terryville, CT Favorite
K1LVF 442.25Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 88.5 Lowell, MA Favorite
KB1AEV 442.25Mhz 5Mhz 173.8 Torrington, CT Favorite
N1PFC 442.2Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Worcester, MA Favorite
AG2K 442.2Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Bridgeport, CT Favorite
N1IMO 442.15Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Pittsfield, NH Favorite
AA1HD 442.15Mhz 5Mhz B Vernon, CT Favorite
W1BST 442.1Mhz 5Mhz 100 Ossipee, NH Favorite
W1GCD 442.1Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Gardner, MA Favorite
W1HQ 442.1Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Newington, CT Favorite
KB1VKI 442.05Mhz 5Mhz CC2 Boston, MA Favorite
W1HDN 442.05Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Avon, CT Favorite
K1DED 442Mhz 5Mhz 100 Londonderry, NH Favorite
KB1ZDR 441.95Mhz 5Mhz B Portsmouth, NH Favorite
KB1ZKL 441.95Mhz 5Mhz 82.5 Leominster, MA Favorite
W1HLO 441.95Mhz 5Mhz 67 Norwich, CT Favorite
N1LHP 441.9Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Pembroke, NH Favorite
NA1RA 441.85Mhz 5Mhz 77 Washington, CT Favorite
N1TUP 441.8Mhz 5Mhz 151.4 151.4* Somers, CT Favorite
WQ2H 441.7Mhz 5Mhz 100 Dublin, NH Favorite
N1KGN 441.7Mhz 5Mhz 77 Bridgeport, CT Favorite
KB1AEV 441.65Mhz 5Mhz 151.4 Watertown, CT Favorite
K1WPO 441.6Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Northborough, MA Favorite
W1NLK 441.6Mhz 5Mhz B Norwalk, CT Favorite
N1TEC 441.55Mhz 5Mhz 127.3 Derry, NH Favorite
W1HDN 441.55Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Torrington, CT Favorite
N1KUE 441.5Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Medfield, MA Favorite
N1LXV 441.5Mhz 5Mhz 77 Fairfield, CT Favorite
W1JLZ 441.4625Mhz 5Mhz CC2 Storrs, CT Favorite
KB1TTN 441.4625Mhz 5Mhz CC1 New Haven, CT Favorite
KB5VP 441.35Mhz 5Mhz CC7 Mt. Equinox, VT Favorite
KC1EWP 441.35Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 East Kingston, NH Favorite
KC2LT 441.3Mhz 5Mhz 107.2 Derry, NH Favorite
W1SP 441.2625Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Guilford, CT Favorite
NA1RA 440.9625Mhz 5Mhz CC1 New Milford, CT Favorite
AA1HD 440.8625Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Vernon, CT Favorite
KB1TTN 440.8125Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Wolcott, CT Favorite
K1JCL 440.8Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Colchester, CT Favorite
N1TGE 440.7625Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Bridgeport, CT Favorite
W1SP 440.75Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Wilton, CT Favorite
N1ZU 440.45Mhz 5Mhz Fairfield, CT Favorite
KU1Q 440.25Mhz 5Mhz 123 Goshen, CT Favorite
KB1FX 224.9875Mhz 0Mhz 77 Woburn, MA Favorite
N1LMA 224.98Mhz -1.6Mhz 136.5 Westerly, RI Favorite
KA1KWH 224.98Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Dixmont, ME Favorite
N1VT 224.96Mhz -1.6Mhz Wells, VT Favorite
N1LXV 224.96Mhz -1.6Mhz 77 Bridgeport, CT Favorite
W1MHL 224.94Mhz -1.6Mhz Waltham, MA Favorite
W1JNR 224.94Mhz -1.6Mhz Avon, CT Favorite
N1JBC 224.92Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 North Providence, RI Favorite
KC1FRJ 224.9Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Dedham, ME Favorite
W1GLO 224.9Mhz -1.6Mhz Gloucester, MA Favorite
AA2S 224.9Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Douglas, MA Favorite
W1MRA 224.88Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Marlborough, MA Favorite
WM1P 224.86Mhz -1.6Mhz 131.8 Dighton, MA Favorite
KB1UAS 224.84Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Corinna, ME Favorite
KB1NZZ 224.84Mhz -1.6Mhz 71.9 Boston, MA Favorite
W1AW 224.84Mhz -1.6Mhz 127.3 Newington, CT Favorite
N1IMO 224.82Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Candia, NH Favorite
KB1CDI 224.82Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Bristol, CT Favorite
W1JY 224.8Mhz -1.6Mhz 123 Franklin, NH Favorite
W1AEC 224.8Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Dartmouth, MA Favorite
K1HSN 224.8Mhz -1.6Mhz 77 Meriden, CT Favorite
WM1P 224.78Mhz -1.6Mhz 131.8 Dover, NH Favorite
N1PS 224.78Mhz -1.6Mhz 107.2 Waldoboro, ME Favorite
K1LBG 224.78Mhz -1.6Mhz Wrentham, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 224.78Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
AA1JD 224.76Mhz -1.6Mhz 85.4 Leominster, MA Favorite
WA1VEI 224.74Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Pelham, MA Favorite
K1KZP 224.72Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Pembroke, NH Favorite
KQ1L 224.72Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Augusta, ME Favorite
N1NOM 224.7Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Weston, MA Favorite
N1CBD 224.7Mhz -1.6Mhz 156.7 Hebron, CT Favorite
K1UTS 224.68Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Methuen, MA Favorite
N1JBS 224.68Mhz -1.6Mhz 123 Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
W1KG 224.66Mhz -1.6Mhz Medway, MA Favorite
WA1VVH 224.64Mhz -1.6Mhz Pepperell, MA Favorite
N1BS 224.62Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 67.0* Providence, RI Favorite
W1IF 224.62Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Hebron, ME Favorite
W1WU 224.6Mhz -1.6Mhz 123 Ossipee, NH Favorite
K1WMS 224.6Mhz -1.6Mhz 123 Vernon, CT Favorite
W1SSH 224.58Mhz -1.6Mhz 100 Weymouth, MA Favorite
NB1RI 224.56Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 North Providence, RI Favorite
N1AKE 224.54Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Pittsfield, NH Favorite
N1LHP 224.52Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Andover, MA Favorite
N1IMO 224.5Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Goffstown, NH Favorite
K1SOX 224.5Mhz -1.6Mhz 77 West Haven, CT Favorite
N1EKO 224.48Mhz -1.6Mhz Worcester, MA Favorite
K1CA 224.46Mhz -1.6Mhz 85.4 Derry, NH Favorite
AA1JD 224.44Mhz -1.6Mhz Winchendon, MA Favorite
NN1D 224.42Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Fall River, MA Favorite
N1KUG 224.4Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Quincy, MA Favorite
W1XOJ 224.38Mhz -1.6Mhz Paxton, MA Favorite
W1DX 224.38Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Ledyard, CT Favorite
N1MV 224.36Mhz -1.6Mhz Milton, MA Favorite
KB1AEV 224.36Mhz -1.6Mhz 151.4 151.4* Vernon, CT Favorite
K1KEK 224.34Mhz -1.6Mhz 100 Harwich, MA Favorite
AB1GF 224.34Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Fitchburg, MA Favorite
W1AUX 224.32Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Nobleboro, ME Favorite
W1ZSA 224.32Mhz -1.6Mhz 118.8 Walpole, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 224.32Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Warren, CT Favorite
K1WYC 224.3Mhz -1.6Mhz 100 West Warwick, RI Favorite
N1EXC 224.3Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Lawrence, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 224.3Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
KC1CG 224.28Mhz -1.6Mhz 91.5 Washington, ME Favorite
N1XLU 224.28Mhz -1.6Mhz 114.8 West Hartford, CT Favorite
WA1WYA 224.26Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Wakefield, MA Favorite
AA1PN 224.24Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Exeter, ME Favorite
WB1CTO 224.24Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Framingham, MA Favorite
K1KN 224.22Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Exeter, NH Favorite
N1YHS 224.22Mhz -1.6Mhz 100 Bourne, MA Favorite
WA1IXU 224.22Mhz -1.6Mhz 118.8 Bristol, CT Favorite
K1OX 224.2Mhz -1.6Mhz Chester, NH Favorite
N1CHF 224.18Mhz -1.6Mhz Frenchville, ME Favorite
KB1NYT 224.18Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Swansea, MA Favorite
K1KZP 224.16Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Wilmington, MA Favorite
W1DX 224.14Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Salem, CT Favorite
W1HDN 224.12Mhz -1.6Mhz 82.5 Vernon, CT Favorite
N1JBC 224.1Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Coventry, RI Favorite
K1FFK 224.1Mhz -1.6Mhz 162.2 Mt. Greylock, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 224.08Mhz -1.6Mhz 88.5 New Haven, CT Favorite
WX1NH 224.06Mhz -1.6Mhz 97.4 Claremont, NH Favorite
AJ1L 224.06Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Norwell, MA Favorite
W1WU 224.02Mhz -1.6Mhz 71.9 Ossipee, NH Favorite
WA1ZDA 224Mhz -1.6Mhz 110.9 Hope, ME Favorite
W1OP 223.98Mhz -1.6Mhz Johnston, RI Favorite
W1QI 223.96Mhz -1.6Mhz 91.5 Danbury, CT Favorite
W1IMD 223.94Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Woodstock, ME Favorite
W1MRA 223.94Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Marlborough, MA Favorite
KA1LMX 223.92Mhz -1.6Mhz Richmond, RI Favorite
WA1HOG 223.92Mhz -1.6Mhz 100 Rindge, NH Favorite
W1AKS 223.9Mhz -1.6Mhz 103.5 Goffstown, NH Favorite
NS1RA 223.88Mhz -1.6Mhz 136.5 Danvers, MA Favorite
N1JKA 223.88Mhz -1.6Mhz Milford, CT Favorite
KB1FX 223.86Mhz -1.6Mhz 100 Belmont, MA Favorite
WA1RHN 223.8Mhz -1.6Mhz Wakefield, MA Favorite
W1HDN 223.78Mhz -1.6Mhz 82.5 82.5* Torrington, CT Favorite
KR1RI 223.76Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Scituate, RI Favorite
AA1TT 223.44Mhz 0Mhz 97.4 97.4 Claremont, NH Favorite
K1ZK 223.42Mhz 0Mhz Charlotte, VT Favorite
K1GMM 147.57Mhz 0Mhz 100 Mount Tabor, VT Favorite
N1ARN 147.56Mhz 0Mhz 100 Sheldon Springs, VT Favorite
WX1PBD 147.555Mhz 0Mhz 88.5 88.5 Peabody, MA Favorite
N1GBB 147.55Mhz 0Mhz 100 100 Northfield, VT Favorite
WC1P 147.55Mhz 0Mhz 123 Rindge, NH Favorite
K1GMM 147.54Mhz 0Mhz 162.2 Arlington, VT Favorite
KD1ZX 147.54Mhz 0Mhz D306 Central Falls, RI Favorite
KB1VKY 147.525Mhz 0Mhz Longmeadow, MA Favorite
K1LOL 147.51Mhz 0Mhz 100 Swanton, VT Favorite
K1SOX 147.505Mhz -1Mhz 77 Woodbridge, CT Favorite
WA3ITR 147.465Mhz 0Mhz 107.2 Wellesley, MA Favorite
N1DOT 147.43Mhz 0Mhz 100 Turner, ME Favorite
AB1EX 147.43Mhz 0Mhz D023 Blackstone, MA Favorite
W1AW 147.425Mhz 0Mhz 100 Newington, CT Favorite
W1MWB 147.42Mhz 0Mhz Wells, ME Favorite
WA1REQ 147.42Mhz 0Mhz 100 Newport, ME Favorite
KB1WUW 147.405Mhz 0Mhz A Freetown, MA Favorite
N1IOE 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Barre, VT Favorite
NB1RI 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Westerly, RI Favorite
W1JY 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Moultonborough, NH Favorite
K1NYY 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz 179.9 Waldoboro, ME Favorite
KB1MH 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz 118.8 Uxbridge, MA Favorite
WA1PNW 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz Beverly, MA Favorite
W1HQ 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz C Newington, CT Favorite
KB1BRN 147.375Mhz 0.6Mhz Glover, VT Favorite
W1VTP 147.375Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 New Boston, NH Favorite
WA1ZJL 147.375Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Springfield, ME Favorite
N1UGR 147.375Mhz 0.6Mhz 131.8 New Sharon, ME Favorite
N1YHS 147.375Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Falmouth, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 147.375Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 100 Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
KA1LM 147.36Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Middlebury, VT Favorite
WA1UNN 147.36Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Gilsum, NH Favorite
K1SA 147.36Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Portland, ME Favorite
W1DLO 147.36Mhz 0.6Mhz 77 Levant, ME Favorite
W1LJO 147.36Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Newton, MA Favorite
W1KKF 147.36Mhz 0.6Mhz 162.2 Wallingford, CT Favorite
KA1ZGC 147.345Mhz 0.6Mhz Skowhegan, ME Favorite
W1BHR 147.345Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Alfred, ME Favorite
W1SSH 147.345Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Weymouth, MA Favorite
N1MNX 147.345Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Pepperell, MA Favorite
KB1AEV 147.345Mhz 0.6Mhz 151.4 151.4* Vernon, CT Favorite
W1AQ 147.33Mhz 0.6Mhz 173.8 173.8* East Providence, RI Favorite
N1SM 147.33Mhz 0.6Mhz 141.3 Manchester, NH Favorite
W1LH 147.33Mhz 0.6Mhz 118.8 Cooper, ME Favorite
K0LDO 147.33Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Brunswick, ME Favorite
W1EOO 147.33Mhz 0.6Mhz 141.3 Winsted, CT Favorite
W1WRI 147.315Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Westerly, RI Favorite
N1PCE 147.315Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Groveton, NH Favorite
W1NPP 147.315Mhz 0.6Mhz 103.5 Poland, ME Favorite
WG1U 147.315Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Plymouth, MA Favorite
WB1EWS 147.315Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Fitchburg, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 147.315Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Terryville, CT Favorite
W1JY 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Franklin, NH Favorite
W1HJF 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Colebrook, NH Favorite
W1GEE 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Hampden, ME Favorite
N1BGT 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz Weymouth, MA Favorite
NA1RC 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz 77 77.0* Lebanon, CT Favorite
W1QI 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Danbury, CT Favorite
KU1R 147.285Mhz 0.6Mhz 103.5 103.5* Claremont, NH Favorite
N1HSY 147.285Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Topsfield, MA Favorite
W1BAA 147.285Mhz 0.6Mhz 77 Sharon, CT Favorite
N1NTP 147.28Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Cranston, RI Favorite
W1SJA 147.27Mhz 0.6Mhz Danville, VT Favorite
N1SNR 147.27Mhz 0.6Mhz 103.5 Westbrook, ME Favorite
W1EMA 147.27Mhz 0.6Mhz 136.5 Knox, ME Favorite
W1MRA 147.27Mhz 0.6Mhz 146.2 Marlborough, MA Favorite
KB1AEV 147.27Mhz 0.6Mhz 151.4 Barkhamsted, CT Favorite
N1GTR 147.255Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Bristol, RI Favorite
K3RQ 147.255Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Milford, NH Favorite
KB1RAI 147.255Mhz 0.6Mhz 114.8 Gardiner, ME Favorite
WA1YFV 147.255Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Truro, MA Favorite
K1AOI 147.255Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Oxford, MA Favorite
AA1VE 147.255Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 East Haven, CT Favorite
N1LMA 147.24Mhz 0.6Mhz Westerly, RI Favorite
N1JPB 147.24Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Strafford, NH Favorite
WA1ZDA 147.24Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Hope, ME Favorite
WA1NPN 147.24Mhz 0.6Mhz 71.9 Marlborough, MA Favorite
KB1AEV 147.24Mhz 0.6Mhz 151.4 151.4* Torrington, CT Favorite
KA1OKQ 147.225Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Pembroke, NH Favorite
W1BHR 147.225Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Livermore Falls, ME Favorite
KA1FAI 147.225Mhz 0.6Mhz 77 Milford, CT Favorite
K1MUJ 147.225Mhz 0.6Mhz 156.7 156.7* East Killingly, CT Favorite
KB1FDA 147.21Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Corinth, VT Favorite
KC2LT 147.21Mhz 0.6Mhz 107.2 107.2 Derry, NH Favorite
KS1R 147.21Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Phippsburg, ME Favorite
K1QVR 147.21Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Warren, MA Favorite
W1JLI 147.21Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 100.0* Norwood, MA Favorite
N1IMO 147.195Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Rindge, NH Favorite
K1SMH 147.195Mhz 0.6Mhz 127.3 Attleboro, MA Favorite
N1JML 147.195Mhz 0.6Mhz 71.9 Portland, CT Favorite
W1UWS 147.18Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Unity, NH Favorite
KQ1L 147.18Mhz 0.6Mhz 131.8 146.2 York, ME Favorite
W1BHR 147.18Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Farmington, ME Favorite
W1MV 147.18Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Bridgewater, MA Favorite
W1HDN 147.18Mhz 0.6Mhz 141.3 Prospect, CT Favorite
N1JBC 147.165Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Coventry, RI Favorite
NY1Z 147.165Mhz 0.6Mhz Salem, NH Favorite
W1EMA 147.165Mhz 0.6Mhz 136.5 Belfast, ME Favorite
N1PMA 147.165Mhz 0.6Mhz 118.8 South Deerfield, MA Favorite
W1UWS 147.15Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Springfield, VT Favorite
KB1ZQY 147.15Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Milo, ME Favorite
KC1ALA 147.15Mhz 0.6Mhz C Biddeford, ME Favorite
W1FY 147.15Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Framingham, MA Favorite
K1CRC 147.15Mhz 0.6Mhz 77 Burlington, CT Favorite
W1AKS 147.135Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Goffstown, NH Favorite
WZ1J 147.135Mhz 0.6Mhz 103.5 Brunswick, ME Favorite
KA1GG 147.135Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Taunton, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 147.135Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 East Hampton, CT Favorite
N1RWX 147.12Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Providence, RI Favorite
W1OCA 147.12Mhz 0.6Mhz 136.5 Norway, ME Favorite
W1DLO 147.12Mhz 0.6Mhz 77.0/D454 Hermon, ME Favorite
KB1BSS 147.12Mhz 0.6Mhz 131.8 Greenfield, MA Favorite
W1DC 147.12Mhz 0.6Mhz 103.5 Billerica, MA Favorite
W1HDN 147.12Mhz 0.6Mhz 141.3 141.3* Danbury, CT Favorite
N1BS 147.105Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 North Providence, RI Favorite
NE1B 147.105Mhz 0.6Mhz CC0 Hudson, NH Favorite
W1COS 147.105Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Bethlehem, NH Favorite
N1BUG 147.105Mhz 0.6Mhz 103.5 Brownville, ME Favorite
W1XOJ 147.105Mhz 0.6Mhz 162.2 Monson, MA Favorite
WA1KFX 147.09Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Newfane, VT Favorite
W1RKZ 147.09Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Falmouth, ME Favorite
K1LBG 147.09Mhz 0.6Mhz 146.2 146.2* Wrentham, MA Favorite
W1EDH 147.09Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Glastonbury, CT Favorite
NB1RI 147.075Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 67.0* Portsmouth, RI Favorite
K1LTM 147.075Mhz 0.6Mhz CC6 Ossipee, NH Favorite
W1JWN 147.075Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Westfield, MA Favorite
WA1RHN 147.075Mhz 0.6Mhz 151.4 Stoneham, MA Favorite
WA1UNN 147.06Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Francestown, NH Favorite
W1PBR 147.06Mhz 0.6Mhz 91.5 Washington, ME Favorite
W1KG 147.06Mhz 0.6Mhz Medway, MA Favorite
W1DX 147.06Mhz 0.6Mhz 156.7 156.7* Salem, CT Favorite
W1GMW 147.045Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Rutland, VT Favorite
W1HDN 147.045Mhz 0.6Mhz C West Warwick, RI Favorite
WW1Y 147.045Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Nashua, NH Favorite
K1MV 147.045Mhz 0.6Mhz 103.5 Gray, ME Favorite
W1LH 147.045Mhz 0.6Mhz CC1 Calais, ME Favorite
N1SPI 147.045Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Windsor, CT Favorite
K1PH 147.03Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Walpole, NH Favorite
W1BST 147.03Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Ossipee, NH Favorite
W1TU 147.03Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Bar Harbor, ME Favorite
K1FFK 147.03Mhz 0.6Mhz 162.2 Pittsfield, MA Favorite
W1TKZ 147.03Mhz 0.6Mhz 123 Newton, MA Favorite
W1EDH 147.03Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Portland, CT Favorite
KA1KD 147.03Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Bethel, CT Favorite
N1HWI 147.015Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Marlboro, VT Favorite
K1AAM 147.015Mhz 0.6Mhz 103.5 103.5* Hiram, ME Favorite
KB1CYO 147.015Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Mansfield, MA Favorite
N1EXC 147.015Mhz 0.6Mhz 88.5 Lawrence, MA Favorite
K1IKE 147.015Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 East Haddam, CT Favorite
W1SRA 147Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Deerfield, NH Favorite
KQ1L 147Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Lincoln Center, ME Favorite
W1PIG 147Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Kents Hill, ME Favorite
W1TOM 147Mhz 0.6Mhz 127.3 Granville, MA Favorite
W1AEC 147Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Dartmouth, MA Favorite
NB1RI 146.985Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* Exeter, RI Favorite
W1JY 146.985Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 123.0* Gilford, NH Favorite
K1LX 146.985Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Wiscasset, ME Favorite
W1SCV 146.985Mhz -0.6Mhz C Cooper, ME Favorite
W1UQ 146.985Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Milton, MA Favorite
KB1BSS 146.985Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 Leyden, MA Favorite
W1VAR 146.985Mhz -0.6Mhz 141.3 Ansonia, CT Favorite
K1MOQ 146.97Mhz -0.6Mhz Tunbridge, VT Favorite
KQ1L 146.97Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Sugarloaf Mt., ME Favorite
W1BIM 146.97Mhz -0.6Mhz 114.8 Paxton, MA Favorite
W1NLC 146.97Mhz -0.6Mhz 156.7 Waterford, CT Favorite
WB1GOF 146.955Mhz -0.6Mhz 74.4 74.4 Westford, MA Favorite
K1PBO 146.955Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Dennis, MA Favorite
KB1CDI 146.955Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Morris, CT Favorite
W1CTE 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Mt. Mansfield, VT Favorite
KR1RI 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Cumberland, RI Favorite
W1ALE 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 114.8 Pembroke, NH Favorite
K1JW 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz Yarmouth, ME Favorite
N1ME 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Greenfield, ME Favorite
N1ME 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Corinna, ME Favorite
N1ME 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 100 Holden, ME Favorite
W1TOM 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 127.3 Holyoke, MA Favorite
NX1DX 146.925Mhz -0.6Mhz 118.8 Charlestown, NH Favorite
KQ1L 146.925Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Waterville, ME Favorite
W6BZ 146.925Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Arundel, ME Favorite
W1YK 146.925Mhz -0.6Mhz NAC293/100.0 Worcester, MA Favorite
N1AT 146.925Mhz -0.6Mhz 82.5 Attleboro, MA Favorite
KB1CBD 146.925Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Milford, CT Favorite
KB1CJP 146.925Mhz -0.6Mhz Groton, CT Favorite
KC1DGM 146.91Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 West Warwick, RI Favorite
N1BBK 146.91Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Rumford, ME Favorite
KB1NEB 146.91Mhz -0.6Mhz 151.4 Ellsworth, ME Favorite
K1FFK 146.91Mhz -0.6Mhz 162.2 Mt. Greylock, MA Favorite
K1BKE 146.895Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Henniker, NH Favorite
W1NPP 146.895Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Livermore, ME Favorite
K1HRV 146.895Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 Walpole, MA Favorite
N1MUC 146.895Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 Fairfield, CT Favorite
W1ABI 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 Killington Peak, VT Favorite
WC1R 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Newport, RI Favorite
WA1UDP 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz Patten, ME Favorite
KQ1L 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 88.5 Buckfield, ME Favorite
NS1RA 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz 118.8 Salem, MA Favorite
K1CRC 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 Bristol, CT Favorite
WR1VT 146.865Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Brattleboro, VT Favorite
K1JEK 146.865Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Alton, NH Favorite
K1CNX 146.865Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Sharon, MA Favorite
W1CGA 146.865Mhz -0.6Mhz 156.7 New London, CT Favorite
W1CTE 146.85Mhz -0.6Mhz Essex Junction, VT Favorite
N1MIX 146.85Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 Greenville, RI Favorite
K1CA 146.85Mhz -0.6Mhz 85.4 Derry, NH Favorite
KQ1L 146.85Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Dixmont, ME Favorite
W1HDN 146.85Mhz -0.6Mhz 141.3 Torrington, CT Favorite
K1SV 146.835Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Shaftsbury, VT Favorite
KB1TOT 146.835Mhz -0.6Mhz Johnston, RI Favorite
K1AAM 146.835Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Naples, ME Favorite
N1LHP 146.835Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 Andover, MA Favorite
W1LAS 146.835Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Prospect, CT Favorite
W1BD 146.82Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Cabot, VT Favorite
W1ACP 146.82Mhz -0.6Mhz 179.9 Madawaska, ME Favorite
KQ1L 146.82Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Camden, ME Favorite
K1BOS 146.82Mhz -0.6Mhz 127.3 Downtown Boston (Limited RX), MA Favorite
K1BOS 146.82Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 Boston, MA Favorite
W1CWA 146.82Mhz -0.6Mhz Bloomfield, CT Favorite
K1TQY 146.805Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 Greenfield, NH Favorite
K1TQY 146.805Mhz -0.6Mhz 118.8 Ashuelot, NH Favorite
K1TQY 146.805Mhz -0.6Mhz NAC117/100.0 Westmoreland, NH Favorite
N1ROA 146.805Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Sanford, ME Favorite
KC1FRJ 146.805Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Dedham, ME Favorite
NN1D 146.805Mhz -0.6Mhz RAN1/ 67.0 Fall River, MA Favorite
N1ZCW 146.805Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Winsted, CT Favorite
KB1KJS 146.79Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Essex Junction, VT Favorite
N1IMO 146.79Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Pittsfield, NH Favorite
W1NSN 146.79Mhz -0.6Mhz Houlton, ME Favorite
KQ1L 146.79Mhz -0.6Mhz 156.7 Augusta, ME Favorite
N1BE 146.79Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 Weston, MA Favorite
W1TUK 146.79Mhz -0.6Mhz 107.2 Nantucket, MA Favorite
W1HDN 146.79Mhz -0.6Mhz 82.5 Vernon, CT Favorite
K1CRR 146.775Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 Rindge, NH Favorite
K1HF 146.775Mhz -0.6Mhz 192.8 Marshfield, ME Favorite
NA1R 146.775Mhz -0.6Mhz D244 W. Bridgewater, MA Favorite
W1BCG 146.775Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 Westbrook, CT Favorite
N1LLL 146.775Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 New Canaan, CT Favorite
W1UWS 146.76Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 Mt. Ascutney, VT Favorite
KR1RI 146.76Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Scituate, RI Favorite
W1SSF 146.76Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Winslow, ME Favorite
KA1SHU 146.76Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Gray, ME Favorite
K1JAY 146.745Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Jay Peak, VT Favorite
NM1D 146.745Mhz -0.6Mhz 114.8 Derry, NH Favorite
KA1EKS 146.745Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Long A Township, ME Favorite
K1BFD 146.745Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 Canton, MA Favorite
W1HDN 146.745Mhz -0.6Mhz 82.5 West Hartford, CT Favorite
N1IMO 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 127.3 Derry, NH Favorite
N1IMO 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 151.4 Brookline, NH Favorite
N1IMO 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Hollis, NH Favorite
K1FS 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 North Wade, ME Favorite
KA1C 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 91.5 Madison, ME Favorite
W1KVI 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Falmouth, ME Favorite
W1SGL 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* Barnstable, MA Favorite
N1NW 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 156.7 Norwich, CT Favorite
NA1RA 146.73Mhz -0.6Mhz 192.8 77 New Milford, CT Favorite
K1NQG 146.715Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Saunderstown, RI Favorite
W1COS 146.715Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Clarksville, NH Favorite
N1CHF 146.715Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Eagle Lake, ME Favorite
KC1US 146.715Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 North Reading, MA Favorite
K1ZJH 146.715Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Holyoke, MA Favorite
K1CR 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 North Providence, RI Favorite
K1JEK 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 141.3 Kensington, NH Favorite
K1JEK 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 Auburn, NH Favorite
K1JEK 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Northwood, NH Favorite
K7OP 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 127.3 Van Buren, ME Favorite
N1ITR 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Litchfield, ME Favorite
N1XLU 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 162.2 West Hartford, CT Favorite
W1COS 146.685Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Berlin, NH Favorite
N1QC 146.685Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Bedford, NH Favorite
N1ZIZ 146.685Mhz -0.6Mhz 131.8 Plymouth, MA Favorite
W1DHT 146.685Mhz -0.6Mhz 141.3 Bristol, CT Favorite
W1JY 146.67Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 Sanbornton, NH Favorite
K1HHC 146.67Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Topsfield, ME Favorite
KQ1L 146.67Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Augusta, ME Favorite
W1BRI 146.67Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 Quincy, MA Favorite
W1TOM 146.67Mhz -0.6Mhz 127.3 Feeding Hills, MA Favorite
KB1TMO 146.67Mhz -0.6Mhz C Mystic, CT Favorite
W1NLC 146.67Mhz -0.6Mhz 156.7 156.7* Groton, CT Favorite
W1NH 146.655Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Mt. Washington, NH Favorite
K1RK 146.655Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Falmouth, MA Favorite
N1ZUZ 146.655Mhz -0.6Mhz 74.4 74.4 Clinton, MA Favorite
W1EE 146.655Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Stamford, CT Favorite
W1UWS 146.64Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 Hanover, NH Favorite
N1ROA 146.64Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Woodstock, ME Favorite
W1TCF 146.64Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Fort Kent, ME Favorite
W1MHL 146.64Mhz -0.6Mhz NAC293/136.5 Waltham, MA Favorite
W1HDN 146.64Mhz -0.6Mhz 141.3 Hartford, CT Favorite
W1BD 146.625Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Williamstown, VT Favorite
W1DMR 146.625Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1/146.2 Cumberland, RI Favorite
K1KKM 146.625Mhz -0.6Mhz 131.8 131.8* West Newbury, MA Favorite
NA1P 146.625Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 Orange, MA Favorite
WB1CQO 146.625Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Fairfield, CT Favorite
W1KOO 146.61Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Burlington, VT Favorite
K1DED 146.61Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Bow, NH Favorite
W1NPP 146.61Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Lewiston, ME Favorite
WB5NKJ 146.61Mhz -0.6Mhz 107.2 Franklin, ME Favorite
K1KWP 146.61Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 Mendon, MA Favorite
W1GB 146.61Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 West Haven, CT Favorite
N1PQH 146.595Mhz 0Mhz Peabody, MA Favorite
K1IFF 146.5925Mhz 1Mhz RAN1 Bristol, CT Favorite
WC1P 146.55Mhz 0Mhz 123 Winchendon, MA Favorite
N1YZM 146.5Mhz 0Mhz Pawtucket, RI Favorite
W1STT 146.5Mhz -1.5Mhz CC5 Pelham, NH Favorite
W1OOR 146.49Mhz 0Mhz 123 Rutland, VT Favorite
N1PA 146.49Mhz -1.5Mhz CC1 Brookline, MA Favorite
KA1JRL 146.48Mhz 0Mhz Providence, RI Favorite
WE1CT 146.48Mhz -1.5Mhz NAC250/107.2 Worcester, MA Favorite
AA1PR 146.475Mhz 0Mhz 173.8 Brandon, VT Favorite
W1NLK 146.475Mhz 1Mhz 100 100 Norwalk, CT Favorite
K1IR 146.47Mhz -1.5Mhz CC0 Sudbury, MA Favorite
KE1V 146.47Mhz -1.5Mhz CC10 Reading, MA Favorite
W1MLL 146.47Mhz -1.5Mhz CC11 Dennis, MA Favorite
NB1RI 146.46Mhz -1.5Mhz 67 West Greenwich, RI Favorite
KC1EGN 146.46Mhz -1.5Mhz C Windham, NH Favorite
KX1X 146.46Mhz 0Mhz 123 South Hadley, MA Favorite
N1PA 146.45Mhz -1.5Mhz RAN1 Boston, MA Favorite
WA1RJI 146.445Mhz 1Mhz 77.0/156.7 77.0* Bridgeport, CT Favorite
KB1ISZ 146.44Mhz -1.5Mhz RAN1 Cumberland, RI Favorite
K1GAS 146.43Mhz -1.5Mhz CC1 Hingham, MA Favorite
NO1A 146.42Mhz -1.5Mhz CC1 Acton, MA Favorite
W1TAL 146.415Mhz 0Mhz 123 Proctorsville, VT Favorite
KB1MMR 146.415Mhz 1Mhz NAC141/141.3 Killingworth, CT Favorite
KB1WUW 146.41Mhz -1.5Mhz C Freetown, MA Favorite
KB1VKI 146.4Mhz 0Mhz Boston, MA Favorite
KA1WVM 145.73Mhz 0Mhz 100 Palmer, MA Favorite
W1JWC 145.725Mhz 0Mhz 114.8 Lanesboro, MA Favorite
KB1XI 145.71Mhz 0Mhz 100 Derry, NH Favorite
N1HUI 145.71Mhz 0Mhz 203.5 203.5 Branford, CT Favorite
W2FCC 145.6Mhz 0Mhz 123 West Arlington, VT Favorite
K1WIZ 145.6Mhz 0Mhz B North Attleborough, MA Favorite
WA1MYZ 145.55Mhz 0Mhz 100 Boston, MA Favorite
KC1CG 145.49Mhz -0.6Mhz 91.5 Washington, ME Favorite
KC1EB 145.49Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 North Adams, MA Favorite
W1IEM 145.49Mhz -0.6Mhz 131.8 Ipswich, MA Favorite
W1SMA 145.49Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Dartmouth, MA Favorite
W1ECV 145.49Mhz -0.6Mhz C Meriden, CT Favorite
NE1DS 145.48Mhz -0.6Mhz C Franklin, NH Favorite
K1VIT 145.47Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 77 Warren, VT Favorite
W1YA 145.47Mhz -0.6Mhz Orono, ME Favorite
NS1RA 145.47Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 Danvers, MA Favorite
KR1COM 145.47Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Ridgefield, CT Favorite
W1SYE 145.45Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Portsmouth, RI Favorite
W1MWV 145.45Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 North Conway, NH Favorite
W1GZ 145.45Mhz -0.6Mhz 74.4 Fitchburg, MA Favorite
W1AW 145.45Mhz -0.6Mhz 127.3 Newington, CT Favorite
K1HBR 145.44Mhz -0.6Mhz C Hampton, NH Favorite
N1KIM 145.4375Mhz -0.6Mhz RAN1 Assonet, MA Favorite
K1EME 145.43Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1 Cannon Mtn., NH Favorite
N1UGR 145.43Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Dresden, ME Favorite
KC1CLA 145.43Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 Belmont, MA Favorite
KB1TTN 145.43Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1 Bloomfield, CT Favorite
W1EMA 145.42Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Knox, ME Favorite
K1RFI 145.42Mhz -0.6Mhz C Fall River, MA Favorite
K1VIT 145.41Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1 Warren, VT Favorite
WJ1L 145.41Mhz -0.6Mhz 103.5 Alfred, ME Favorite
W1DVC 145.41Mhz -0.6Mhz 74.4 Harvard, MA Favorite
W1HDN 145.41Mhz -0.6Mhz 141.3 Vernon, CT Favorite
KB1TIA 145.4Mhz -0.6Mhz C Cranston, RI Favorite
KB1TIX 145.4Mhz -0.6Mhz C Kensington, NH Favorite
WA1ZMS 145.39Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Mt. Equinox, VT Favorite
W1PIG 145.39Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Wilton, ME Favorite
W1ATD 145.39Mhz -0.6Mhz NAC293/RAN1/CC9/67.0 Marshfield, MA Favorite
W1DX 145.39Mhz -0.6Mhz 156.7 Ledyard , CT Favorite
N1HIT 145.38Mhz -0.6Mhz C Madbury, NH Favorite
W1JFR 145.38Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Walpole, MA Favorite
N1JBC 145.37Mhz -0.6Mhz CC2 North Providence, RI Favorite
N1PCE 145.37Mhz -0.6Mhz 114.8 Whitefield, NH Favorite
K1XI 145.37Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Camden, ME Favorite
K1XML 145.37Mhz -0.6Mhz CC0 Marblehead, MA Favorite
W1SEX 145.37Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 136.5* Gardner, MA Favorite
KB1AEV 145.37Mhz -0.6Mhz 151.4 151.4* Torrington, CT Favorite
K1RE 145.36Mhz -0.6Mhz CC3 Gilford, NH Favorite
W1MLL 145.36Mhz -0.6Mhz CC10 Eastham, MA Favorite
N1BS 145.35Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* North Providence, RI Favorite
KC1FRJ 145.35Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Lincoln, ME Favorite
KT1S 145.35Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 Haverhill, MA Favorite
KA1BQO 145.35Mhz -0.6Mhz Wethersfield, CT Favorite
W1IMD 145.34Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Falmouth, ME Favorite
N1WW 145.34Mhz -0.6Mhz CC3 Gardner, MA Favorite
K1CW 145.33Mhz -0.6Mhz CC2 Bristol, RI Favorite
W1FN 145.33Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Hanover, NH Favorite
WB1GOF 145.33Mhz -0.6Mhz C Westford, MA Favorite
WB1GIC 145.33Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Manchester, CT Favorite
K1HRO 145.32Mhz -0.6Mhz C Salem, NH Favorite
K1YFY 145.32Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Buckfield, ME Favorite
KC1JET 145.32Mhz -0.6Mhz RAN1 Swansea, MA Favorite
N1TZE 145.31Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 Moultonborough, NH Favorite
K1QVC 145.31Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1 Derry, NH Favorite
N1ME 145.31Mhz -0.6Mhz CC10 Holden, ME Favorite
W1WPI 145.31Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Worcester, MA Favorite
W1KBN 145.31Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 Boston, MA Favorite
K1DII 145.31Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 Bristol, CT Favorite
W1AAD 145.3Mhz -0.6Mhz C Portsmouth, RI Favorite
W1PIG 145.29Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Wales, ME Favorite
N1LHP 145.29Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 Methuen, MA Favorite
NN1D 145.29Mhz -0.6Mhz RAN1 Dartmouth, MA Favorite
W1BCG 145.29Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 100.0* Killingworth, CT Favorite
K1LTM 145.28Mhz -0.6Mhz CC7 Wakefield, NH Favorite
WG1U 145.28Mhz -0.6Mhz RAN1 West Bridgewater, MA Favorite
K1XI 145.27Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Palermo, ME Favorite
AE1C 145.27Mhz -0.6Mhz CC7 Southborough, MA Favorite
WA1YFV 145.27Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Harwich, MA Favorite
KA1OA 145.27Mhz -0.6Mhz 136.5 Great Barrington, MA Favorite
W1VLA 145.27Mhz -0.6Mhz C Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
K1MOT 145.26Mhz -0.6Mhz CC5 Hudson, NH Favorite
AA1HD 145.26Mhz -0.6Mhz C Vernon, CT Favorite
W1COS 145.25Mhz -0.6Mhz CC0 Clarksville, NH Favorite
KA1EKS 145.25Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 South Twin Lake, ME Favorite
KB1YAC/ AC1M 145.25Mhz -0.6Mhz C/77.0 77 Norwell, MA Favorite
WB2BQW 145.25Mhz -0.6Mhz 114.8 Egremont, MA Favorite
K1LTM 145.24Mhz -0.6Mhz CC3 Rochester, NH Favorite
KQ1L 145.24Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Sidney, ME Favorite
N1STA 145.23Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Saint Albans, VT Favorite
N1RHN 145.23Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1 Ossipee, NH Favorite
W1BOS 145.23Mhz -0.6Mhz 88.5 100 Boston, MA Favorite
WA1SOV 145.23Mhz -0.6Mhz Newtown, CT Favorite
K1YON 145.23Mhz -0.6Mhz East Hartland, CT Favorite
W1RCF 145.22Mhz -0.6Mhz CC11 Goffstown, NH Favorite
KB1UAS 145.22Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Corinna, ME Favorite
N1JL 145.21Mhz -0.6Mhz 192.8 Coventry, RI Favorite
N1KMA 145.21Mhz -0.6Mhz 156.7 Sanford, ME Favorite
KB1ZEG 145.21Mhz -0.6Mhz C Falmouth, MA Favorite
KB1BEM 145.21Mhz -0.6Mhz Boston, MA Favorite
NN1PA 145.2Mhz -0.6Mhz CC2 Goffstown, NH Favorite
K1RK 145.2Mhz -0.6Mhz CC10 Bourne, MA Favorite
NB1RI 145.19Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* West Greenwich, RI Favorite
K1OX 145.19Mhz -0.6Mhz CC9 Chester, NH Favorite
N1IPA 145.19Mhz -0.6Mhz CC13 Topsham, ME Favorite
N1OTW 145.19Mhz -0.6Mhz 71.9 71.9* Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
WK1M 145.19Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 Ansonia, CT Favorite
K1JC 145.18Mhz -0.6Mhz CC6 Sanbornton, NH Favorite
W1WNS 145.18Mhz -0.6Mhz CC5 Madbury, NH Favorite
KA1QFE 145.18Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1 Northampton, MA Favorite
KB1IHU 145.18Mhz -0.6Mhz CC10 Edgartown, MA Favorite
N1IW 145.18Mhz -0.6Mhz CC2 Chelmsford, MA Favorite
NB1RI 145.17Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* Cumberland, RI Favorite
K1OX 145.17Mhz -0.6Mhz CC8 Bow, NH Favorite
KB1JVP 145.17Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 Island Falls, ME Favorite
W1LH 145.17Mhz -0.6Mhz Calais, ME Favorite
KQ1L 145.17Mhz -0.6Mhz CC12 Augusta, ME Favorite
W1ECV 145.17Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 Southington, CT Favorite
K1MRA 145.16Mhz -0.6Mhz C Brookline, MA Favorite
WB1GQR 145.15Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Bolton, VT Favorite
W1WQM 145.15Mhz -0.6Mhz 127.3 Kensington, NH Favorite
W1KK 145.15Mhz -0.6Mhz C Feeding Hills, MA Favorite
WA1DGW 145.15Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 Fall River, MA Favorite
W1BHR 145.14Mhz -0.6Mhz CC11 New Sharon, ME Favorite
W1DSR 145.14Mhz 2.835Mhz CC1 Holliston, MA Favorite
W1IXU 145.14Mhz -0.6Mhz C Bristol, CT Favorite
N1CIV 145.13Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Norwich, VT Favorite
W1RI 145.13Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 West Warwick, RI Favorite
W1GLO 145.13Mhz -0.6Mhz 107.2 Gloucester, MA Favorite
AB1RS 145.13Mhz -0.6Mhz 173.8 Deerfield, MA Favorite
K1DQ 145.11Mhz -0.6Mhz CC4 Shapleigh, ME Favorite
W1RJC 145.11Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 New Bedford, MA Favorite
N1CON 145.11Mhz -0.6Mhz 110.9 123 Concord, MA Favorite
W1BRS 145.11Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 Vernon, CT Favorite
N1IMO 53.97Mhz -1Mhz 71.9 Candia, NH Favorite
N1IMO 53.97Mhz -1Mhz 71.9 Derry, NH Favorite
KB1ABC 53.97Mhz -1Mhz 110.9 Warren, CT Favorite
N1MNX 53.89Mhz -1Mhz 100 Pepperell, MA Favorite
N1IOE 53.87Mhz -1Mhz 100 Williamstown, VT Favorite
N1MIX 53.87Mhz -1Mhz 85.4 Greenville, RI Favorite
N1UEC 53.85Mhz -1Mhz 71.9 Danvers, MA Favorite
WB1EWS 53.83Mhz -1Mhz 71.9 Fitchburg, MA Favorite
W1BRI 53.81Mhz -1Mhz 71.9 Marlborough, MA Favorite
W1JY 53.77Mhz -1Mhz 71.9 100 Gilford, NH Favorite
WA1HRC 53.75Mhz -1Mhz 110.9 Hamden, CT Favorite
WA1ZYX 53.73Mhz -1Mhz 141.3 Keene, NH Favorite
KA1OXQ 53.67Mhz -1Mhz 123 Oakham, MA Favorite
N1WPN 53.65Mhz -1Mhz 71.9 Windham, NH Favorite
KB1NZZ 53.55Mhz -1Mhz 203.5 Scituate, RI Favorite
KC1CG 53.55Mhz -1Mhz 91.5 Washington, ME Favorite
KB1CDI 53.47Mhz -1Mhz 88.5 Rocky Hill, CT Favorite
W1HDN 53.45Mhz -1Mhz 82.5 Vernon, CT Favorite
KB1MH 53.43Mhz -1Mhz 118.8 Uxbridge, MA Favorite
N1IMO 53.41Mhz -1Mhz 88.5 Brookline, NH Favorite
K1IKE 53.41Mhz -1Mhz 156.7 Montville, CT Favorite
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