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Repeater-START, the only open-source offline repeaters mapping app, is available on Github, and Sourceforge.
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How is HearHam Live Repeater listing different?

Free to use and free to use in your application. (JSON API is available to download or use in your offline/online application!)

All repeaters have an approximate lat/lon location (so you can see the topography or check out where they are on the map!)

Log in and favorite your local repeaters, and get notifications when a repeater goes down or other changes or comments are posted about the repeater.

Export to CHIRP - While logged in, select Export for CHIRP to download your selected local repeaters and easily add to your radio if you use CHIRP to program it!

No single point of failure - There are a couple other well known repeater listings with repeater apps, and they are very good though they may list some nonexistent old repeaters. HearHam.live repeater listing can be used as a second resource, and the app can be used if your phone isn't working but your computer/Raspberry-Pi is up. It's about redundancy, just like no amateur radio fan can have just one radio :)

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Use the Repeater-START application on Windows, Linux or Android to view all repeaters, online or offline!

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