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Repeater-START, the only open-source offline repeaters mapping app, is available on Github, and Sourceforge.
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Download for offline access:
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Adding another repeater listing to RepeaterSTART:

Currently the only extra repeater additions provided on are GMRS radio repeater frequencies. Add the url of additional sources in the settings area of the beta version Windows/Linux app.

Creating your own repeater source:

Create a CSV (using excel, Libreoffice Calc or even your standard text editor), in this format:

NameYour Source Name
iconUrl of svg/image


A column for each of these should be included for display within RepeaterSTART app.


Self hosting your repeater list

Using SSH or FTP, add the .csv file to a public directory on your website hosting provider.

Share the public url of the file created above with your users, which they will add within Repeater-START settings dialog.


Sharing your repeater list with users

To add your own list please send your file or link via email to contact @

Include source and the email address of the maintainer of the listing submitted.

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