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United States Rhode Island repeaters

This is a listing of ham radio repeaters listed in cities within Rhode Island (RI). If you don't see a repeater that you use in your state, please add it here.

Repeater Callsign Frequency Offset Encode Decode Nearest City Restriction (if any)
KA1MXL 433.1Mhz 0Mhz 162.2 162.2 WARWICK, RI USA Favorite
W1DMR 927.675Mhz -25.6125Mhz DCS245 DCS245 Cumberland, RI USA Favorite
WA1ABC 927.75Mhz -25.6875Mhz 67.0 67.0 Warwick, RI USA Favorite
W1AQ 147.33Mhz 0.6Mhz 173.8 173.8 East Providence, RI USA Favorite
N1BS 29.64Mhz -0.1Mhz 67 Providence, RI Favorite
NB1RI 53.17Mhz -1Mhz 67 Portsmouth, RI Favorite
KB1NZZ 53.55Mhz -1Mhz 203.5 Scituate, RI Favorite
N1MIX 53.87Mhz -1Mhz 85.4 Greenville, RI Favorite
W1RI 145.13Mhz -0.6Mhz 77 West Warwick, RI Favorite
NB1RI 145.17Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* Cumberland, RI Favorite
NB1RI 145.19Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* West Greenwich, RI Favorite
N1JL 145.21Mhz -0.6Mhz 192.8 Coventry, RI Favorite
W1AAD 145.3Mhz -0.6Mhz C Portsmouth, RI Favorite
K1CW 145.33Mhz -0.6Mhz CC2 Bristol, RI Favorite
N1BS 145.35Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* North Providence, RI Favorite
N1JBC 145.37Mhz -0.6Mhz CC2 North Providence, RI Favorite
KB1TIA 145.4Mhz -0.6Mhz C Cranston, RI Favorite
W1SYE 145.45Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Portsmouth, RI Favorite
KB1ISZ 146.44Mhz -1.5Mhz RAN1 Cumberland, RI Favorite
NB1RI 146.46Mhz -1.5Mhz 67 West Greenwich, RI Favorite
KA1JRL 146.48Mhz 0Mhz Providence, RI Favorite
N1YZM 146.5Mhz 0Mhz Pawtucket, RI Favorite
W1DMR 146.625Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1/146.2 Cumberland, RI Favorite
K1CR 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 123 North Providence, RI Favorite
K1NQG 146.715Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Saunderstown, RI Favorite
KR1RI 146.76Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Scituate, RI Favorite
KB1TOT 146.835Mhz -0.6Mhz Johnston, RI Favorite
N1MIX 146.85Mhz -0.6Mhz 146.2 Greenville, RI Favorite
WC1R 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Newport, RI Favorite
KC1DGM 146.91Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 West Warwick, RI Favorite
KR1RI 146.94Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 Cumberland, RI Favorite
NB1RI 146.985Mhz -0.6Mhz 67 67.0* Exeter, RI Favorite
W1HDN 147.045Mhz 0.6Mhz C West Warwick, RI Favorite
NB1RI 147.075Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 67.0* Portsmouth, RI Favorite
N1BS 147.105Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 North Providence, RI Favorite
N1RWX 147.12Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Providence, RI Favorite
N1JBC 147.165Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Coventry, RI Favorite
N1LMA 147.24Mhz 0.6Mhz Westerly, RI Favorite
N1GTR 147.255Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 Bristol, RI Favorite
N1NTP 147.28Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Cranston, RI Favorite
W1WRI 147.315Mhz 0.6Mhz 110.9 Westerly, RI Favorite
W1AQ 147.33Mhz 0.6Mhz 173.8 173.8* East Providence, RI Favorite
NB1RI 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz 67 Westerly, RI Favorite
KD1ZX 147.54Mhz 0Mhz D306 Central Falls, RI Favorite
KR1RI 223.76Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Scituate, RI Favorite
KA1LMX 223.92Mhz -1.6Mhz Richmond, RI Favorite
W1OP 223.98Mhz -1.6Mhz Johnston, RI Favorite
N1JBC 224.1Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 Coventry, RI Favorite
K1WYC 224.3Mhz -1.6Mhz 100 West Warwick, RI Favorite
NB1RI 224.56Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 North Providence, RI Favorite
N1BS 224.62Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 67.0* Providence, RI Favorite
N1JBC 224.92Mhz -1.6Mhz 67 North Providence, RI Favorite
N1LMA 224.98Mhz -1.6Mhz 136.5 Westerly, RI Favorite
K1CW 443.15Mhz 5Mhz 94.8 94.8 Bristol, RI Favorite
N1RWX 444.2Mhz 5Mhz 88.5 Providence, RI Favorite
KA1MHA 444.35Mhz 5Mhz 67 Middletown, RI Favorite
KB1TUG 444.4Mhz 5Mhz 67 Foster, RI Favorite
N1MIX 446.475Mhz -5Mhz D411 Providence, RI Favorite
KC1DGM 446.725Mhz -5Mhz 100 West Warwick, RI Favorite
WA1ABC 447.025Mhz -5Mhz 67 Warwick, RI Favorite
W1CRI 447.125Mhz -5Mhz 82.5 Charlestown, RI Favorite
N1MIX 448.075Mhz -5Mhz D411 Greenville, RI Favorite
KC2GDF 448.325Mhz -5Mhz 67 Newport, RI Favorite
N1GTR 448.525Mhz -5Mhz 67 Middletown, RI Favorite
K1CR 448.925Mhz -5Mhz 88.5 Providence, RI Favorite
N1JBC 449.225Mhz -5Mhz 141.3 141.3* North Providence, RI Favorite
KA1RCI 449.325Mhz -5Mhz 127.3 127.3* Providence, RI Favorite
N1LMA 449.675Mhz -5Mhz 127.3 Westerly, RI Favorite
W1WNS 449.9375Mhz -5Mhz D244 West Greenwich, RI Favorite
N1RWX 927.5125Mhz -25Mhz 127.3 Providence, RI Favorite
KA1EZH 927.7625Mhz -25Mhz 67 67.0* North Providence, RI Favorite
N1MIX 927.825Mhz -25Mhz Greenville, RI Favorite
K1EWG 448.825Mhz -5Mhz CC2 West Greenwich, RI, Rhode Island Favorite
KA1MXL 434.2Mhz -2Mhz CC6 warwick, Rhode Island Favorite
W1DMR 146.625Mhz -0.6Mhz CC0 Cumberland, Rhode Island Favorite
N1LMA 448.225Mhz -5Mhz 127.3 Ashaway, RI Favorite
WA1OKB 442.55Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Warwick, Rhode Island Favorite
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