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United States Montana repeaters

This is a listing of ham radio repeaters listed in cities within Montana (MT). If you don't see a repeater that you use in your state, please add it here.

Repeater Callsign Frequency Offset Encode Decode Nearest City Restriction (if any)
KD0CST 146.4Mhz 0Mhz 118.8000 118.8000 Shepherd/Billings, MT USA Favorite
N7AGM 444.35Mhz -5Mhz 100.0 100.0 Libby, MT USA Favorite
WR7DW 147.32Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 100.0 Eureka-Rexford, MT USA Favorite
KE7HJN 147.57Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 100.0 Seeley Lake, MT USA Favorite
N7NAB 146.45Mhz 0Mhz 118.8 118.8 Trego, MT USA Favorite
KC7TIG 147.44Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 100.0 Missoula, MT USA Favorite
K6KUS 146.9Mhz -0.6Mhz 100.0 100.0 Columbia Falls, MT USA Favorite
W7GMC 147.36Mhz 0.6Mhz 100 100 Great Falls EchoIRLP #425518, MT USA Favorite
NW7RG 146.7Mhz 0.6Mhz 162.2 162.2 Boulder, MT USA Favorite
K7LYY 446.4Mhz 0Mhz 100 100 Kalispell, MT USA Favorite
KC7HCR 446.66Mhz 0Mhz 67.0 67.0 Three Forks, MT USA Favorite
KD0CST 146.4Mhz 0Mhz 118.8 118.8 Kalispell, MT USA Favorite
W7ECA 147.3Mhz 0.6Mhz 0.00 0.00 Great Falls, MT USA Favorite
KC7TIG 147.44Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 100.0 Trout Creek, MT USA Favorite
KC7CUE 146.58Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 100.0 Eureka (PiRLP), MT USA Favorite
W1KGK 147.14Mhz 0Mhz 103.5 103.5 Plains, MT USA Favorite
ED8ZAH 438.4Mhz -7.6Mhz CC1 Montana de Guaza, Spain, Islas Canarias Favorite
ED8ZAG 438.425Mhz -7.6Mhz CC1 Montana Bolico, Spain, Islas Canarias Favorite
ED8ZAF 438.475Mhz -7.6Mhz CC1 Montana de Birmagen, Spain, Islas Canarias Favorite
WR7HLN 147.1Mhz 0.6Mhz CC1 Helena, Montana Favorite
KC7NP 448.25Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Billings, Montana Favorite
WR7HLN 444.1Mhz 5Mhz CC2 Jefferson City, Montana Favorite
W7JFO 444.725Mhz 5Mhz CC6 Rexford, Montana Favorite
K7GDM 146.8Mhz -0.6Mhz CC2 Great Falls, Montana Favorite
K7GDM 442.8Mhz 5Mhz CC2 Great Falls, Montana Favorite
WR7HLN 444.1Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Helena, Montana Favorite
WR7HLN 449.3Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Toston, Montana Favorite
WR7HLN 444.2Mhz 5Mhz CC2 Saltese, Montana Favorite
NW7RG 444.85Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Boulder, Montana Favorite
KL7JGS 449.9Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Bozeman, Montana Favorite
WA7U 447.95Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Bozeman, Montana Favorite
KL7JGS 448.35Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Bozeman, Montana Favorite
KL7JGS 444.1Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Bozeman, Montana Favorite
AE7NZ 444Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Butte, Montana Favorite
NE7AL 444.325Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Bigfork, Montana Favorite
KC7MRQ 146.7Mhz -0.6Mhz 162.2 Boulder, MT Favorite
WD7WDS 434.4Mhz 0Mhz 103.5 Belgrade, Montana Favorite
W7MRI 147.22Mhz 0.6Mhz 100.0 Helena, MT Favorite
W7MRI 446.525Mhz 0Mhz 131.8 Helena, MT Favorite
KC9RDS 434.4Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 Billings, Montana Favorite
NE7AL 443.625Mhz 5Mhz 123.0 123.0 Could be any where, MT USA Favorite
N7LT 446.8Mhz 0Mhz 100 100 Kalispell, MT USA Favorite
ED8ZAE 438.45Mhz -7.6Mhz CC1 Montana de Ayosa, Spain Favorite
W7YP 447.5Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Columbia Falls, Montana Favorite
WD7WDS 446.46Mhz 0Mhz 103.5 Montana Mobile Favorite
WR7HLN 448.9Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Missoula, Montana Favorite
WR7HLN 444.1Mhz -5Mhz CC2 Dillon, Montana Favorite
WR7HLN 449.2Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Boulder-Boulder Hill, Montana Favorite
WR7HLN 448.9Mhz -5Mhz CC1 Helen-North Hills, Montana Favorite
WR7HLN 449.2Mhz -5Mhz CC2 Great Falls, Montana Favorite
W7UFX 433.25Mhz 0Mhz 123.0 Bigfork, MT Favorite
W7JFO 444.725Mhz 5Mhz CC4 Rexford, Montana Favorite
K7GPS 445.875Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 100.0 Cascade, MT USA Favorite
K7LYY 146.76Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1 Columbia Falls, Montana Favorite
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