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United States Louisiana repeaters

This is a listing of ham radio repeaters listed in cities within Louisiana (LA). If you don't see a repeater that you use in your state, please add it here.

Repeater Callsign Frequency Offset Encode Decode Nearest City Restriction (if any)
W5MCC 146.86Mhz -0.6Mhz 114.8 114.8 New Orleans, LA USA Favorite
N5UXT 444.95Mhz 5Mhz 114.8 114.8 New Orleans, LA USA Favorite
KB5QAT 400Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 100.0 Egan, LA USA Favorite
N5OZG 444.775Mhz 0.6Mhz CC10 New Orleans, Louisiana Favorite
W5MCC 442.55Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Marrero, Louisiana Favorite
K5LPD 144Mhz 0.6Mhz CC1 Carencro, Louisiana Favorite
W5YL 147.39Mhz 0.6Mhz 114.8 114.8 Gray,louisiana Favorite
W5RAR 442.075Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Convent, Louisiana Favorite
W5RAR 443.1Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Favorite
AE5BZ 442.65Mhz 5Mhz CC5 Metairie, Louisiana Favorite
N5WE 444.01Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Lafayette, Louisiana Favorite
NO5LA 444.55Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Marrero, Louisiana Favorite
W5SLA 444.1Mhz 5Mhz CC1 LaCombe, Louisiana Favorite
KD5KNZ 444.875Mhz 5Mhz CC5 Covington, Louisiana Favorite
W5KJN 443.75Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Springhill, Louisiana Favorite
W5SLA 145.29Mhz -0.6Mhz CC1 LaCombe, Louisiana Favorite
KB5OZE 444.825Mhz 5Mhz CC1 New Orleans, Louisiana Favorite
K5LZP 147.03Mhz 0.6Mhz CC1 New Orleans, Louisiana Favorite
W5RAR 442.675Mhz 5Mhz CC1 LaPlace, Louisiana Favorite
KG5RWA 444.65Mhz 5Mhz CC10 Shreveport, Louisiana Favorite
AE5BZ 444.625Mhz 5Mhz 114.8 Metairie, Louisiana Favorite
KD5KNZ 442.5Mhz 5Mhz 156.7 Covington, LA Favorite
W5NB 443.8Mhz 5Mhz 103.5 103.5 Lafayette, LA USA Favorite
WB5ITT 224.6Mhz 0Mhz 100.0 Marrero, LA Favorite
KC5JMJ 444.225Mhz 5Mhz CC10 Lake Charles, Louisiana Favorite
N5UXT 444.225Mhz 5Mhz CC5 New Orleans, Louisiana Favorite
WB5NET 147Mhz 0.6Mhz 107.2 107.2 Tickfaw, LA Favorite
WB5LHS 444.625Mhz 5Mhz 156.7 156.7 Baton Rouge, LA USA Favorite
KI5WME 443.025Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Thibodaux, Louisiana Favorite
KI5WME 444.025Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Houma, Louisiana Favorite
W5RAR 442.25Mhz 5Mhz CC1 Morgan City, Louisiana Favorite
W5XTR 443.35Mhz 5Mhz CC5 Galliano, Louisiana Favorite
N1AXE 146.5Mhz 0Mhz 118.8 118.8 Radio Club Of Greater Houma, LA USA Favorite
W5APX-LCH 146.88Mhz -0.6Mhz 100 Lake Charles, LA Favorite
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