The amateur radio listener for when you're not on the radio.

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Today's featured group listing on the ham radio repeater listing:
New Zealand Branch 22

As seen in KM4ACK channel, QSO Today, Hackaday.io... Repeater-START, the offline repeater listing app is for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, Librem Phone.
Now with grid square display, topographical maps and frequency preferences.

Now also available on the Arch User Repository for Pinephone and Manjaro Linux.

Download Repeater-START

Please test out the BETA in preparation for v1.0, with custom repeater source addition features.

Android version:
Get it on F-Droid
(Currently unavailable due to a Mapbox-Fdroid source build issue. Here is the previous Fdroid Android apk installer in the meanwhile.)

Log in and favorite your repeaters, you can receive notices for repeaters' status and your list can be downloaded and imported directly to CHIRP!

Winlink tutorial - Setting up on Linux, Setting up Winlink through radio TNC. Winlink (Pat) for Librem Phone/Linux Phone