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Pat (Winlink) for Librem Phone/Pinephone

Pat is a great program for Linux, Mac or Windows. Unfortunately as of now there is not an official build for Librem Phone/Pinephone.

Here is a build working for Linux Phone (ARM64)

Once it has been downloaded, run this in the phone's terminal:


sudo cp ~/Downloads/pat-linux-0.12-arm64 /usr/bin/pat

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/pat

sudo apt install ax25-tools

pat configure


The Pat program requires a callsign and ham radio license to work properly. It can work through a radio or the internet (telnet). Check out the Pat tutorial here.



Pat-Window for Linux with AX.25

Screenshot of basic Winlink selector

The Pat program can access Winlink through radio gateways using a radio, TNC (such as a Mobilinkd), and the instructions as posted here. An easier way to select the serial device and callsign setup can be installed with this Pat-winlink window app:

Pat Window 0.1 for Linux Download (Github)



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