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Repeater listing for 9A0DRJ

Currently operational near Omisalj, Croatia, Primorje-Gorski County

Nearby repeaters and topography:
(In grid square JN75GF)

Encode: CC1


Frequency: 438.9875Mhz

Offset: -7.6MHz

Mode: DMR

Power: unknown

Group/organization: DMR

Description and Notes:

Network: Brandmeister Croatia Digital Group<br>Motorola GM360X2-Multimode repetitor 9A0DRJ<br><br>C4FM>Soba HR 9A C4FM---------Mijenjanje soba omoguceno po Wires X metodi-vracanje u HR sobu za 10 minuta ukoliko nema aktivnosti<br>D-STAR >Your CQCQCQ, RPT1-9A0DRJ B / RPT2-9A0DRJ G Grupa HR D218 --------Mijenjanje grupa omoguceno po Dtmf metodi-vracanje u HR grupu za 10 minuta ukoliko nema aktivnosti<br>DMR > Slot 1 -----219 Dinamicki----- / Slot 2 <br>Nakon razgovora u bilo kojem modu repetitor drži 10 sekundi korišteni mod. See


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