Repeater listing for N9KET

Currently DOWN near Tysons Corner, Virginia

Nearby repeaters and topography:
(In grid square FM18JW)

Encode: CC2


Frequency: 441.65Mhz

Offset: 5MHz

Mode: DMR

Power: unknown

Group/organization: DMR

Description and Notes:

Network: Brandmeister Time Slot # 1 - Group Call 93 = North America<br>Time Slot # 1 - Group Call 6606722 = TG6606722<br>Time Slot # 1 - Group Call 9043967 = TG9043967<br>Time Slot # 1 - Group Call 9306069 = TG9306069<br>Time Slot # 1 - Group Call 14483410 = TG14483410 See

This is an amateur radio repeater, used for local communication.
New to amateur radio? Check out ARRL's ham radio introduction, training and testing page.
Need a quick refresher on programming repeaters? Please see the repeater programming guide.


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