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Repeater listing for KN4GVY

Currently operational near Palm Harbor, Florida

Nearby repeaters and topography:
(In grid square EL88OC)

Encode: CC1


Frequency: 444.575Mhz

Offset: 5MHz

Mode: DMR

Power: unknown

Group/organization: DMR

Description and Notes:

Network: F-DARN Florida Digital Amateur Radio Network<br><br><br><br>Time Slot: 1<br>Group Code: 1 = Worldwide (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 3 = North America  (PTT 30)  <br>Group Code: 310 = TAC 310   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 311 = TAC 311   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 312 = TAC 312   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 313 = TAC 313   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 314 = TAC 314   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 315 = TAC 315   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 316 = TAC 316   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 317 = TAC 317   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 318 = TAC 318   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 319 = TAC 319   (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 3112 =  Florida Statewide<br>Group Code: 3113 =  Georgia Statewide (PTT 30) <br>Group Code: 3174 = South East (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 8710 =  Indiana Statewide (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 31665 =  T.G.IF. (PTT 30)<br>Group Code: 31121 = First Coast (PTT 30)<br><br>Time Slot: 2<br>Group Code: 9 = Local Repeater Only<br>Group Code: 2 = F-Darn Repeater System

This is an amateur radio repeater, used for local communication.
New to amateur radio? Check out ARRL's ham radio introduction, training and testing page.
Need a quick refresher on programming repeaters? Please see the repeater programming guide.


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