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Repeater listing for LX0OST

Currently operational near Mompach, Luxemburg, All Regions

Nearby repeaters and topography:
(In grid square JN39FS)

Encode: CC1


Frequency: 439.8125Mhz

Offset: -9.4MHz

Mode: DMR

Power: unknown

Group/organization: DMR

Description and Notes:

Network: Brandmeister The repeater LX0OST operates on UHF in DMR (digital mobile radio) mode. It's purpose is the cellular coverage of the eastern part of Luxembourg. Use timeslot 1 (TS1) for the given static talkgroups (270, 2707, 27072, 9112 and 9) and timeslot 2 (TS2) for dynamic talkgroups.<br><br>Please don't link dynamic talkgroups randomly on timeslot 1 (TS1) of the repeater. </b><br><br>PLEASE DON'T LINK TALKGROUP 91 (or 262) ON TIMESLOT 1 (TS1) OF THE REPEATER, USE TIMESLOT 2 (TS2).<br><br>Enjoy the DMR coverage in LX! :).<br><br><a href="https://wiki.brandmeister.network/index.php/Luxembourg"><img src="https://laru.lu/images/graphics/LX-LARU-DMR-repeaters.gif" alt="Map of the LARU BM DMR Network" style="width:417px;height:571px;"/><br> See https://brandmeister.network/?page=repeater&id=270001

This is an amateur radio repeater, used for local communication.
New to amateur radio? Check out ARRL's ham radio introduction, training and testing page.
Need a quick refresher on programming repeaters? Please see the repeater programming guide.


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