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Repeaters-in-the-field summer contest

As you know, Field Day is now over... get ready for an all new all month contest for July..! Even though repeaters are not a direct-contact and not really considered in most contests, they are often the easiest way to get connected with local clubs and hams. That’s why we are having the first ever contest to fill in missing repeaters across the world. What better way to contribute to ham radio during your summer travels?

One does not simply talk to people on repeaters There are more available repeaters than active amateur radio users

The mission: Find active and working repeaters anywhere across the world. Log in and add repeaters that are not already in the system on the app or website here. Enjoy more complete and useful repeater listing! Corrections to current repeaters in comments are also considered one point (for example, commenting this repeater is down or is (X) tone now.)


  1. Recognition by name or callsign on the repeaters front page for top contributors.
  2. Top requested feature will be released to the winners first (if applicable, when released).

Bands and modes: Any permanent repeater within ham radio bands is eligible to be submitted. Each addition of a verified working repeater is one point, any correction of removed or changed repeater (via a comment) will also be one point.

Terms of entry: All entrants agree to be subject to rules and final judgment of winner based on valid repeater submissions of staff. Entry form:

2022 Contest

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